Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Participation in any championships to be held in our state

The players are hereby informed the following points to be noted forparticipation in any championships to be  held in our state conducted by OSBA or approved by OSBA

1. Players are to be registered with Orissa State Badminton Association.
2. As per Badminton Association of India guidelines the players have to submit new format form for registration which can be downloaded from  BAI site  “
3. As per Badminton Association of India guidelines the players below
the age group of 19 years have to submit new format form for registration along with affidavit ,copy of birth certificate and copy of matriculation certificate/ mark sheet of class studying if below matriculate. Any false declaration is a cognizable offence punishable under law.

The Regulations of BAI/OSBA for Proof of Age are as under;
·         The eligibility of Juniors and Veterans shall be supported by a ‘Certificate’ unless the ‘Date of Birth’ is registered with OSBA and is appearing in the approved list.Except birth certificate ot education certificate  no other  mode of date of birth (like pancard,dtiving licence etc)is accepted

The following shall be the Guidelines for verification of the Date of Birth / Eligibility;
·         When the Student has passed the High School / Matriculation examination, the proof of ‘Age’ shall be in form of the photocopy of the Certificate of Passing given by the High School / Matriculation Board containing the ‘Date of Birth’ duly certified by the Hon. Secretary of the Affiliated Unit.
·          In case of Non-Matriculate Students, proof of ‘Age’ must be certified by the Principal or Head Master of the College or School to which the student belongs.
·          For uneducated Juniors, xray report for age determination test as per BAI competition regulations guidelines should be submitted along with registration form and  personal ‘Medical Examination’  will be undertaken on the recommendation of the Referee and the Tournament Committee during turnaments
·          Proforma of ‘Age Certificate’ must be correctly completed by the Juniors who are non- Matriculates with the necessary photo attached and all entries correctly signed as required.
·         For players upto U19yrs,  as per BAI guideline  personal ‘Medical Examination’  will be undertaken on the recommendation of the Referee and the Tournament Committee during turnaments for cetermination of age and if found any discrepancy they will be punishable

4. Those registered (even having BAI ID's) and submitting for renewal have to give fresh documents       as mentioned above if not submitted earlier.
5. At the time of giving entries, players have to give their respective State ID number.
6. The fresh Registration/Renewal are to be sent through affiliated District associations along with     to State association.otherwise the same will not be entertained
7. Where there is no affiliated District associations, respective district players can apply for               registration/renewal by sending it directly to the State association on the address given below.

8. For players seeking to play having brought NOC's from their   respective State associations should     follow BAI competition regulations guidelines( Representation 5.2.2)
5.2.2 has had his or her main residence in that state concerned for six months immediately preceding the reference date of the fixture. While determining the place of residence, a player who has shifted his main residence in different state due to transfer of job or education of the player or job of his parents, the player shall apply to OSBA  for special permission to determine the new place and waive the condition of six months of main residence in new city. Such representation shall be made within 15 days of such transfer of residence through new parent Affiliated Unit and copy to the earlier parent Affiliated Unit”

All applications for renewal/registration should be sent to following address:

Pradip Mohanty
Otissa State Badminton Association
Keonjhar Colony
Kanika Chhak


The list of players id is released below for the want of renewal.The players are requested to comply the deficiency  of paperworks during renewal.The proforma for age of BAI (newone) should be completed properly  and submitted with all neccesary documents  or   else the renewal will not be effect.The players who have not given affidavit(upto U19yrs) will have to send the affidavit.We found some affidavits are not made by their parents ,in future this will be treated as cognizable offence and punishable under law.

We have tried to give  in different columns the status of your data given earlier.So pl rectify the same so that we can able to create atransparent data base of players of Odisha

for u19/17/15/13 renewal renewal
Form(new or old) affidevit district recommendation ID NO  NAME AREA mr no date
OLD N Y 000001 Rout Sushant bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000002 Bantha  Kumar ranjit bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000003 das nihar ranjan bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000004 ray swaroop sarthak bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000005 mallick ajit kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000006 barad jagammath bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000007 nayak bhupinder bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000008 rout kumar manoj bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000009  sabat manjeet bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000010 nayak vinay bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000011 jena pratik bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000011 sahoo smruti ranjan bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000013 saraf vishal kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000014 naik aatish kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000015 hembram biswanath bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000016 john samal bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000017 nanda tanmaya bhubaneswar
OLD Y Y 000018 barik soubhagyasujit bhubaneswar
NEW N Y 000019 pradhan swayam prakash bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000020 panigrahi tanmaya bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000021 mohanty monalisha bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000022 padhi krishna bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000023 jena gitanjali bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000024 das anisha bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000025 baskey mina bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000026 sahoo moushumi bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000027 behera itishree bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000028 hembram aparnne bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000029 bhol chinmayee bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000030 samal reetasha bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000031 dash suchintita bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000032 dash subhasnata bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000033 parveen rahenuma bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000034 mania niti bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000035 pattanaik anjali birajita bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000036 sabat shrabanee bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000037 pattnaik shreya bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000038 paikaray preet pratiikshya bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000039 agarwal komal bhubaneswar
OLD Y Y 000040 prusty samjhana bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000041 kar adyasha bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000042 sahoo anandita bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000043 parida lisarani bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000044 purnima punya bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000045 pujari lalatendu bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000046 bada binay sundargarh
OLD N N 000047 patra snehasish sundargarh
OLD N N 000048 khan naimnddin kendrapara
OLD N N 000049 m.dushmant sambalpur
OLD N Y 000050 mohanty d.subhakanta bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000051 gyan chand Dhenkanal
OLD N N 000052 routray manas ranjan cuttack
OLD N N 000053 nikhil vijayan sundargarh
OLD N N 000054 singh sonu kumar sundargarh
OLD N N 000055 chakraborty ashutosh sundargarh
OLD N N 000056 pradhan nilesh sundargarh
OLD N N 000057 parida sankalp sundargarh
OLD N N 000058 subham kumar sundargarh
OLD N N 000059 alli ehetesham shaikh sundargarh
OLD N N 000060 kumar barun sundargarh
OLD N N 000061 pati ankit sundargarh
OLD N N 000062 mishra shivam sundargarh
OLD N N 000063 pattanaik jayant sundargarh
OLD N N 000064 ekka nutan sundargarh
OLD N N 000065 sahoo ashis sundargarh
OLD N N 000066 sarkar subhodeep sundargarh
OLD N N 000067 sabat rakesh kumar sundargarh
OLD N N 000068 santra debanjana sundargarh
OLD N N 000069 pattnaik roshan sundargarh
OLD N N 000070 tiwary aditya sundargarh
OLD N N 000071 das soumen sekhar sundargarh
OLD N N 000072 adwiteeya sundargarh
OLD N N 000073 pati aparajita sundargarh
OLD N N 000074 sandhu paramveer singh sundargarh
OLD N N 000075 dunge khushboo sundargarh
OLD N N 000076 ali seikh shahbaz sundargarh
OLD N N 000077 mishra asit kumar angul
OLD N N 000078 parida smarak sundargarh
OLD N N 000079 jena lopamudra angul
OLD N N 000080 panda rutaparna cuttack
OLD N Y 000081 jena jeebanjyoti Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000082 sahoo kaushik kumar Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000083 pattnayak ayush Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000084 mohanty abhishek Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000085  ram nishant kumar Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000086 singh manjit Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000087 khatua satyabrata Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000088 mohanty prayash kumar Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000089 behera sumyash Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000090 pattnaik ankit Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000091 sahu abhishek Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000092 jena tushar kanti Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000093 kumar aman Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000094 nayak aswini kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000095 patnaik milan bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000096 mishra gayatri bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000097 rath smruti sourav bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000098 das suvangi bhadrak
OLD N N 000099 nag sribatsa kumar Anugul
OLD N Y 000100 panigrahi ramachandra bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000101 umakanta jena angul
OLD N N 000102 sahoo swadeshranjan angul
OLD N N 000103 sethy saswata angul
OLD N N 000104 mishra swadhin angul
OLD N N 000105 sahoo suraj prakash angul
OLD N N 000106 bhuyan souav prasad angul
OLD N N 000107 mishra sudhir kumar angul
OLD N N 000108 prdhan rakesh kumar angul
OLD N N 000109 masanta arun kumar angul
OLD N N 000110 naik surendra kumar angul
OLD N N 000111 dehury trinath angul
OLD N N 000112 naik joshowant angul
OLD N N 000113 murmu soumen balasore
OLD N N 000114 das bikash balasore
OLD N N 000115 khan golam ali balasore
OLD N N 000116 jena satyabrata balasore
OLD N N 000117 dey anand balasore
OLD N N 000118 zishan md.shaqeeb balasore
NEW N Y 000119 acharya soumya Mayurbhanj
NEW N Y 000120 mishra debasis bhubaneswar
NEW N Y 000121 gouda swadhin bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000122 ray girija shankar cuttack
OLD N Y 000123 korupolu ravibabu bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000124 behura rasmi kanta bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000125 kumari manisha bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000126 murali krishna bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000127 panda snehasis bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000128 sridhart srivastav bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000129 binakar amit kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000130 rout anshuman sundargarh
OLD N N 000131 saha sourav sundargarh
OLD N N 000132 sethi priyadeep puri
OLD N N 000133 B.Lokesh kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000134 bishi gouri sankar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000135 babu abishek kalahandi
OLD N Y 000136 abinash babu kalahandi
OLD N Y 000137 deep nilamani bishilesan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000138 das manish ranjan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000139 sahu santanu kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000140 sahany sourav ranjan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000141 sunani nareswar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000142 bishi sanjaya kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000143 agrawal kesav kalahandi
OLD N Y 000144 gupia gourav kalahandi
OLD N Y 000145 pujhari ris kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000146 debta aman kalahandi
OLD N Y 000147 bishi sibashish kalahandi
OLD N Y 000148 sharma krishna kalahandi
OLD N Y 000149 behera alok kalahandi
OLD N Y 000150 chhatriya Yashraj kalahandi
OLD N Y 000151 das kamal cuttack
OLD N Y 000152 k.kumar manoj cuttack
OLD N Y 000153 sekhar surat cuttack
OLD N Y 000154 das siba prasad  bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000155 ray agnirishi puri
OLD N Y 000156 satapathy chittaranjan bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000157 rana kumar pramod cuttack
OLD N Y 000158 mohanty ajit  kumar  bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000159  sahoo manoj kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000160 sahoo debaraj  bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000161 hati khirodra bolangir
OLD N Y 000162 khan akram bolangir
OLD N N 000163 singh debashish  angul
OLD N N 000164 singh debajyoti angul
OLD N Y 000165 swain amit bolangir
OLD N N 000166 swain ayasha bolangir
OLD N Y 000167 sahu arabinda bolangir
OLD N N 000168 nanda akash bolangir
OLD N Y 000169 moduli prakash Subarnapur
OLD N Y 000170 behera maman bolangir
OLD N Y 000171 sahu  sonali bolangir
OLD N Y 000172 nepal surendra bolangir
OLD N Y 000173 mishra chandan bolangir
OLD N Y 000174 bagarty abhimanyu bolangir
OLD N Y 000175 jani vikrant bolangir
OLD N Y 000176 negi debapriya bolangir
OLD N Y 000177 nanda subhendu bolangir
OLD N N 000178  mallick basudev sundargarh
OLD N N 000179 chauhan himani  sundargarh
OLD N N 000180  kurray akansha sundargarh
OLD N N 000181 mishra  sanjib angul
NO N N 000182  dash ashok kumar prov.
NO N N 000183 Panda prakash ch.  prov.
NO N N 000184 barai nikhil ch prov.
NO N N 000185  patra sukant kumar prov.
OLD N N 000187 maharana sontosh  prov.
NO N N 000188 mishra  aralina prov.
OLD N Y 000189 arunachalam a. bhubaeswar
OLD N Y 000190 mishra arabinda bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000191 guru smrutiranjan balangir
OLD N N 000192 pradhan rajat angul
OLD N Y 000193 choudhury ku.sailandra koraput
OLD N Y 000194 sahu debajyoti baripada
OLD N Y 000195 bal sushant sundargarh
NO N Y 000196 das manoranjan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000197 sunani naresh kalhandi
NO N Y 000198 sahu ranjit kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000199 babu shyampapada kalahandi
OLD N Y 000200 mishra hemantakumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000201 das sidharth sundargarh
OLD N Y 000202 kureja mahesh kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000203 rout ramakrishna kalahandi
OLD N N 000204 routroy suresh kumar sundargarh
OLD N N 000205 dash bijoy kishore sundargarh
OLD N Y 000206 behera prasant kumar koraput
OLD N N 000207 singh gurmit sundargarh
OLD N N 000208 mishra biswesh chandra sundargarh
OLD N N 000209 sanga ajay kumar sundargarh
OLD N N 000210 ghosh samir kumar angul
OLD N N 000211 amit bikram Dhenkanal
NO N N 000212 padhi sibaprasad ganjam
NO N N 000213 j.Shravan Kumar ganjam
NO N N 000214 hasim md sundargarh
OLD N N 000215 tripathy rushi balasore
OLD N N 000216 bhoi pradipta kumar sundargarh
NO N N 000217 nayak sanjib kumar sundargarh
OLD N Y 000218 sahoo Sanjay kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000219 khilo lipi koraput
OLD N N 000220 khilo puja koraput
OLD N N 000221 nayak manjula koraput
OLD N N 000222 choudhury badal koraput
OLD N N 000223 das satyajit koraput
OLD N Y 000225 Pati Ashok Kumar angul
NO N Y 000226 mania  ku suresh koraput
NO N Y 000227 patra sukant ku koraput
NO N Y 000228 sahoo ku dillip koraput
OLD N Y 000229 Patri debendra kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000230 padhy binod Bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000231 pradhan sarthak Anugul
OLD N N 000232 barik abinas kisan anugul
OLD Y N 000233 sahu jasmin bhadrak 23 7-Jun-16
OLD N N 000234 Sethi gunanidhi koraput
OLD N N 000235 khadenga pratap kumar koraput
OLD N N 000236 sahoo pradipta sunder Anugul
OLD N N 000237 bag shreyash Anugul
OLD N N 000238 sahoo mandeep Anugul
OLD N N 000239 barik anal kumar Anugul
OLD N N 000240 behera sachin kumar Anugul
OLD N N 000241 sahu prabhu Anugul
OLD N N 000242 raul shaktiman Anugul
OLD N N 000243 sethi purusottam Anugul
OLD N N 000244 roul suvendu kumar Anugul
OLD N N 000245 sahoo gyana Anugul
OLD N N 000246 mishra amlan Anugul
OLD N N 000247 sahoo satish Anugul
OLD N N 000248 raul subodh suramya Anugul
OLD Y N 000249 paul samridha Anugul
OLD N N 000250 priyadarshini pragya Anugul
OLD N N 000251 sengupta unmesh Anugul
OLD N N 000252 dash manoranjan Anugul
OLD N N 000253 amanta kishore chandra Anugul
OLD N N 000254 sahu sudhakar Anugul
OLD N N 000255 alam md aftab Anugul
OLD N N 000256 pradhan sanjay kumar Anugul
OLD N N 000257 pradhan pramod kumar Anugul
OLD N N 000258 nayak khirod sundergarh
OLD N N 000259 oram monu sundargarh
OLD N N 000260 mohapatra soumya ranjan sundargarh
NO N N 000261 bisi monalisa balangir
OLD N Y 000262 sahu sidharth balangir
OLD Y Y 000263 das sibashis balangir
OLD Y Y 000264 acharya sanket balangir
NO N Y 000265 bagarty sidhant priyaraj bolangir
NO N Y 000266 singh rosan kumar bolangir
OLD N Y 000267 purahit saourav balangir
NO N Y 000269 agarwal kamlesh mayurbhanj
NO N Y 000270 das mahatsova mayurbhanj
NO N Y 000271 agarwal nikhil mayurbhanj
NO N Y 000272 tripathy tarini tanaya mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000273 mohapatra roshan sambalpur
OLD N Y 000274 mohapatra subam sambalpur
OLD N Y 000275 mohapatra yash jharsuguda
OLD N Y 000276 rao kona babu sambalpur
OLD N Y 000277 rath ajit bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000278 panda anubhav mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000279 das ayushman mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000280 modak spandan mayurbhanj
OLD Y Y 000281 pattnaik binayak mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000282 nayak hrudisunder mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000283 patra abhinandan mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000284 sahu kallolakanta mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000285 s.roneet kumar mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000286 majhi chandra mohan mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000287 singh srihari mayurbhanj
NO N N 000288 agarwal deepak Mayurbhanj
NO N N 000289 ghosh aditya prov
OLD N N 000290 jena jayaprakash bhadrak
OLD N N 000291 singh jayprakash balasore
OLD N N 000292 Behera nakul chandra angul
OLD N N 000293 sahoo subhasis anugul
OLD N N 000294 sahoo samyaranjan anugul
OLD N N 000295 pradhan sanjay kumar anugul
OLD N N 000296 pradhan sarojkumar anugul
OLD N N 000297 biswal asit kumar anugul
OLD N N 000298 mohanty suvendu anugul
OLD N N 000299 das sarthak koraput
OLD N N 000300 agarwal nikhil angul
NA N N 000301 barik shivam sidharth angul
NA N N 000302 chinara adarsh angul
NA N N 000303 roy subhonkar angul
NA N N 000304 choudhury brajbhusan angul
NA N N 000305 mukherjee sauradeep angul
NA N N 000307 satpathy anshuman angul
OLD N N 000308 kunda prakash chandra angul
OLD Y N 000309 panda swetaparna cuttack
OLD Y N 000310 nayak sai satyashree balasore
OLD N N 000311 sahu gaurahari balasore
OLD N N 000312 Rabindra Chand Balasore
OLD N N 000313 nayak abhisek anugul
OLD N N 000314 Mitali Lala Mayurbhanj
NA N N 000315 giri mahima Mayurbhanj
OLD N N 000316 sahu akankhya Mayurbhanj
OLD N N 000317 patnaik roshan cuttack
OLD N N 000318 dehury sushanta koraput
NA N N 000319 panda amitansu anugul
OLD N Y 000320 patnaik shyamal  Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000321 barik satyanarayan Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000322 mandal kunu Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000323  mishra prasanna Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000324 nayak hemant kumar Balasore
OLD N Y 000325 Mohapatra Prakash Chandra Anugul
OLD N Y 000326 Dehury Ansit Anugul
OLD N Y 000327 Jena Banashree Anugul
OLD N Y 000328 Dehury Lopamudra Anugul
OLD N Y 000329 behera ganesh ch. koraput
OLD N Y 000330 Das Mahostava Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000331 Sahu Satyabrata Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000332 Hansda Raghunath Mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000333 abhishek sahu Mayurbhanj
OLD N N 000334 dhir samant pradeep kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000335 kar biraja prasad bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000336 das k.c. bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000337 mallick shyamsunder bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000338 mishra biswalalyan bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000339 sahu bharat kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000340 sahoo jyotirmay bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000341 patro bibhabasu cuttack
OLD N N 000342 lal mitali baripada
OLD N N 000343 biswal m.n. Angul
OLD N N 000344 motibul rahman keonjhar
OLD N N 000345 ambady biju keonjhar
OLD N N 000346 tunga samant sujit kumar keonjhar
OLD N N 000347 alam asif keonjhar
OLD N N 000348 samant pradeep keonjhar
OLD N N 000349 prasad suresh keonjhar
OLD N N 000350 swami basant keonjhar
OLD N N 000351 vital balkrishnan keonjhar
OLD N N 000352  singh kalsi sarbjit keonjhar
OLD N N 000353 singh avtar keonjhar
OLD N N 000354 zahir syed zaheer keonjhar
OLD N N 000355 singh majinder keonjhar
OLD N N 000356 tiwari ramkumar keonjhar
OLD N N 000357 prasad rakesh keonjhar
OLD N N 000358 maqsud alam keonjhar
OLD N Y 000359 agarwal pawan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000360 sahani kumud kalahandi
OLD N Y 000361 pradhan paresh kalahandi
OLD N N 000362 behera jyotiranjan ganjam
OLD N N 000363 kar sudhansu balasore
OLD N Y 000364 lenka lingaraj bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000365 choudhury santosh bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000366 Jena manas ranjan bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000367 prasad g. bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000368 tripathy anshuman anugul
OLD N N 000369 parija satwat anugul
OLD N N 000370 bir alok kumar Angul
OLD N Y 000371 behera hemant Angul
OLD N Y 000372     sahu tapas ranjan                    bhubaneswar         
OLD N Y 000373  mishra jaydev                         bhubaneswar          
OLD N Y 000374 nayak achuta nandan Subarnapur
OLD N N 000375 agarwal nikhil sundargarh
OLD N N 000376 nayak sarat kumar anugul
OLD N N 000377 samal saroj anugul
OLD N N 000378 nath sunil kumar anugul
OLD N N 000379 samal santosh kumar anugul
OLD N N 000380 mahmmad afjal nuapada
OLD N N 000381 mahant abhijit sundargarh
OLD N N 000382 gauda sanjib kumar ganjam/prov
OLD N N 000383 mohanty swapnil cuttack
OLD N N 000384 mohapatra rudrapratap angul
OLD Y N 000385 sathpathy manmeet angul
OLD N Y 000386
OLD Y N 000387 sahu parthasarathi angul
OLD N N 000388 mahapatra sameek sundargarh
OLD N N 000389 mishra sarthak sundargarh
OLD N N 000390 sahu dameeni sundargarh
OLD N N 000391 pradhan anshuman jharsuguda
OLD N N 000392 nanda namrata angul
OLD N N 000393 jyoti sarkar angul
OLD N N 000394 behera hemant kumar angul
OLD N Y 000395 patro aditya bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000396 dehury biswanath bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000397 lenka sourav bhubaneswar
OLD Y Y 000398 murmu prajesh bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000399 a shivaramakrishna bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000400 padhy chetan bhubaneswar
OLD Y Y 000401 sethi ashis kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000402 muduli binesh ranjan cuttack
OLD N N 000403 nayak debashis sundargarh
OLD N N 000404 mohapatra plaban sundargarh
OLD N N 000405 mohanty sourav cuttack
OLD N N 000406 sasmal swapan cuttack
OLD N N 000407 kar manoj cuttack
OLD N Y 000408 pradhan pravakar bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000409 sahoo jyoti ranjan cuttack
OLD N Y 000410 sahoo samir kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000411 jain umesh kalahandi
OLD N Y 000412 mohapatra nitesh kalahandi
OLD N Y 000413 das rajanikanta kalahandi
OLD N Y 000414 bhoi saroj kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000415 bhanja chumki kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000416 pattnaik miki kalahandi
OLD N Y 000417 sahu bhimsen kalahandi
OLD N Y 000418 kumudi rajendra kumar Koraput
OLD N Y 000419 nayak sidharth Koraput
OLD N Y 000420 sahoo pritam kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000421 das santosh kumar kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000422 agarwal bishal Sambalpur
OLD N Y 000423 agarwal shivam kalahandi
OLD N Y 000424 debta piyush kalahandi
OLD N Y 000425 agarwal shourabh kalahandi
OLD N Y 000426 nag giridhar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000427 nag binayak kalahandi
OLD N Y 000428 prusty madhab kalahandi
OLD N Y 000429 naik ashis ranjan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000430 behera ashok kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000431 sahoo golak bihari kalahandi
OLD N Y 000432 pujari sudip kalahandi
OLD N Y 000433 jyotiprakash ansuman kalahandi
OLD N Y 000434 goyal priyal kalahandi
OLD N Y 000435 mohanty akshaya kumar kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000436 s.pragnajeet kalahandi
OLD N Y 000437 agarwal suresh kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000438 naik akshaya kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000439 maharana saroj kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000440 naik sunil kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000441 majhi debraj kalahandi
OLD N Y 000442 ojha subrat kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000443 agarwal narendra kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000444 patra sidharta kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000445 behera nitish kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000446 panda chandra sekhar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000447 gill singh amrit pal kalahandi
OLD N Y 000448 mahananda roshan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000449 naik chaturbhuja kalahandi
OLD N Y 000450 agarwal nitish kalahandi
OLD N Y 000451 sunani uditnarayan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000452 panda rakesh kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000453 pattnaik subhashis kalahandi
OLD N Y 000454 panda soumya ranjan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000455 pradhan manas ranjan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000456 panda manoj kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000457 goud neelaketan kalahandi
NA N N 000458 khosla anil kumar koraput
NA N N 000459 patra dibyajyoti koraput
NA N N 000460 pattnaik kanhu charana koraput
OLD N Y 000461 mohanty biswajit bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000462 mohanty rajdeep bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000463 kumar manik prakash puri
OLD N N 000464 sahoo biswaranjan puri
OLD N N 000465 singhari sambhunath puri
OLD N N 000466 routray subash chandra puri
OLD N N 000467 jasabanta jasaraj anugul
OLD N N 000468 behera sunil Sundergarh
OLD N N 000469 kumar bidhan chakra Sundergarh
OLD N N 000470 rashid mid mamun Sundergarh
OLD N N 000471 prasad pravash chandra Sundergarh
OLD N N 000472 nayak sanjeev kumar Sundergarh
OLD N N 000473 singh balbindar Sundergarh
OLD N N 000474 panigrahi basanta Sundergarh
OLD N N 000475 pati sanjib kumar Sundergarh
OLD N N 000476 pasayat ramesh chandra Sundergarh
OLD N N 000477 kujur james Sundergarh
OLD N N 000478 sarangi debadutta Sundergarh
OLD N N 000479 behera kelucharana Sundergarh
OLD N N 000480 behera lalat kishor Sundergarh
OLD N N 000481 behera nilakantha Sundergarh
OLD N Y 000482 das ankit mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000483 sahu debajyoti mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000484 mishra arindam mayurbhanj
OLD N N 000485 pradhan biswamohan bargarh
OLD N N 000486 bhoi ghanashyam bargarh
OLD N N 000487 saraf krishna kumar Sambalpur
OLD N N 000488 ray chandan bargarh
OLD N N 000489 pradhan udaya nath bargarh
OLD N Y 000490 sethy ramachandra bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000491 pal prabodh kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000492 sahoo bijay kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000493 nayak rajib kumar Sundergarh
OLD N N 000494 bhanja kiran kumar angul
OLD N N 000495 sathapathy sudeep Angul
OLD N N 000496 s mukul Sundergarh
OLD N N 000497 patra sailesh Sundergarh
OLD Y N 000498 tripathy aditya Sundergarh
OLD Y N 000499 birok krishnika Sundergarh
OLD N N 000500 birok gurucharan Sundergarh
OLD N N 000501 rout swgatika Sundergarh
OLD N Y 000502 sahoo manas ranjan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000503 agarwal geet kalahandi
OLD N Y 000504 barad sujit kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000505 das preetish kalahandi
OLD N Y 000506 mishra sandeep kalahandi
OLD N Y 000507 panda ashok kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000508 maharana rakesh kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000509 pattnaik nageswar kalahandi
OLD N N 000510 meher kumar sumit jharsuguda
OLD N N 000511 savadia nitin cuttack
OLD N N 000512 swati sangeeta angul/prov
OLD N Y 000513 malaya patra bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000514 ruthvik kiran sundargarh
OLD N N 000515 padhi aman sonepur
OLD N N 000516 agarwal amit bargarh
OLD N N 000517 salman mohammad bargarh
OLD N N 000518 panigrahi rabindra balasore
OLD N N 000519 pradhan kiran prov./balasore
OLD N Y 000520 chandan cr ravi prov.
OLD N Y 000521 mohanty pradeep kumar sonepur
OLD N Y 000522 dalai bhakti ranjan sonepur
OLD N Y 000523 smruttee jani Bolangir
OLD N Y 000524 meher prakash kumar sonepur
OLD N Y 000525 yudhisthir mahala sonepur
OLD N Y 000526 mohapatra abhilash sonepur
OLD Y Y 000527 mohapatra bibhudutta bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000528 baig mirza md arshad bhubaneswar
OLD Y Y 000530 mohanty niklas bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000531 mishra ashis sundargarh
OLD N N 000532 mohanty sanjana bhadrak
OLD N N 000533 mohanty bhagyashree bhadrak
OLD N N 000534 panda sujit bhadrak
OLD N N 000535 mirza md.habibur rahaman bhadrak
OLD N N 000536 dutta biswanath bhadrak
OLD N N 000537 mohanty sagarika bhadrak
OLD N N 000538 mohanty niladri bhadrak
OLD N N 000539 khan nawaz sarfaraz bhadrak
OLD N N 000540 panda sarat kumar bhadrak
OLD N N 000541 das prajesh kumar bhadrak
OLD N N 000542 bishi sidhant balangir
OLD N N 000543 patra sidhant balangir
OLD N N 000544 das swastik angul
OLD N N 000545 sahoo subhajit angul
OLD N N 000546 jena swayam angul
OLD N N 000547 pradhan laxmikant angul
OLD N N 000548 sahoo abhisek angul
OLD N N 000549 dasmohapatra anuja angul
OLD N N 000550 choudhury utkarsh angul
OLD N N 000551 tripathy maitri swarup Angul
OLD N N 000552 mitra madhumala Angul
OLD N Y 000553 parida mrutyunjaya kiriburu
OLD N Y 000554 bishi sanchita kalahandi
OLD N Y 000555 agarwal keshav kalahandi
OLD N Y 000556 pattnaik kunal kalahandi
OLD N Y 000557 pattnaik saikrishana kalahandi
OLD N Y 000559 banua deepak kalahandi
OLD N Y 000560 gupta gourav kalahandi
OLD N Y 000561 sahoo binayak kalahandi
OLD N Y 000562 debata aman kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000564 bishi saroj kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000565 palei biswajit mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000566 sahu ku chandan mayurbhanj
OLD Y Y 000567 kumar rajat mahanta mayurbhanj
OLD N N 000568 panda udesh bargarh
OLD N N 000569 saraf harsh bargarh
OLD N N 000570 badi damrudhar bargarh
OLD N Y 000571 gochayat rahul sundargarh
NEW Y Y 000572 samal yashashree bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000573 panigrahi garima bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000574 panda aradhana bhubaneswar
OLD Y Y 000575 mishra swayamsochi bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000576 acharya anuskhya bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000577 Pradhan Swayam Prakash bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000578 mishra pratyaya bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000579 mishra prajabhav bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000581 kar sanket subham bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000582 dash vaibhav santosh bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000583 digal seshil bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000584 das amandeep bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000585 tripathy sidharth bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000586 jena jonesh bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000587 singh deo debasish bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 000588 panda debesh kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000589 subudhi akanksh bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000590 jena samita Jagatsinghpur
OLD Y N 000591 sethi namita Jagatsinghpur
OLD N N 000592 panda priyanka sundargarh
OLD Y N 000595 maharana debasis dhenkanal
OLD N N 000596 swain amir kumar cuttack
OLD N N 000597 champaty sibaprasad puri
OLD N N 000598 rath swagat krishna angul
OLD N N 000599 mishra kanhu charana Phulbani
OLD N N 000600 moharan kishore ladu Phulbani
OLD N N 000601 nayak siddharta jeypore/provisional
OLD N N 000602 moharan chandan jeypore/provisional
OLD N N 000605 pramanik pranab kumar Koraput
OLD N N 000606 hakeem abdul Khurda
OLD N N 000607 sharma shiv kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000608 kumar anil t jeypore
OLD N N 000609 tao china g jeypore
OLD N N 000611 kumuti rajendra jeypore
OLD N N 000612 pattnaik pk Khurda
OLD N N 000613 jhunjhunwala gk Khurda
OLD N N 000614 swain rk Khurda
OLD N N 000615 mohanty surajit Khurda
OLD N N 000616 sharma satish kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000617 agarwal ashis kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000618 padhi jagannath Khurda
OLD N N 000619 pattnaik prasana kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000620 rao umamaheswar Khurda
OLD N N 000621 zaffar faiz md Khurda
OLD N N 000622 marendi rama Jagatsinghpur
OLD N N 000623 das ranjan rati Jagatsinghpur
OLD N N 000624 marendi siba Jagatsinghpur
OLD N N 000625 pattnaik samir Jagatsinghpur
OLD N N 000626 achary pks Jagatsinghpur
OLD N N 000627 dhosla anil titilagarh
OLD N N 000628 soni vinay Khurda
OLD N N 000629 rai mayank Khurda
OLD N N 000630 sharma mukesh Khurda
OLD N N 000631 sharma anup kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000632 jagadev sobhagya kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000633 narendra prasad badrika Khurda
OLD N N 000634 patsani chittaranjan Khurda
OLD N N 000635 wahid abdul Khurda
OLD N N 000636 sahoo simranjit Khurda
OLD N N 000637 nayak abhisek Khurda
OLD N N 000639 subudhi anil kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000640 swain dillip kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000641 behera biswajit Khurda
OLD N N 000642 ghanto suman Khurda
OLD N N 000643 nayak satyabrata Khurda
OLD N N 000644 george anil Khurda
OLD N N 000645 sharma rajendra Khurda
OLD N N 000646 behera basant kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000647 mohanty jeetendra kumar Khurda
OLD N N 000648 siraj md Puri
OLD N N 000649 sarwar md Puri
OLD N N 000650 khan imtiyaz abdul Puri
OLD N N 000651 hussain iqbal md Puri
OLD N N 000652 singh rampal keonjhar
OLD N N 000653 thacker satish keonjhar
OLD N N 000654 sahu rajesh deogarh
OLD N N 000655 nayak piyus khurda
OLD N N 000656 swain kumar pranab deogarh
OLD N Y 000657 mohanty subham bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000658 acharya ranjit kumar Sundergarh
OLD N N 000659 panda ashutosh deogarh
OLD N N 000660 chawhan rohitkumar deogarh
OLD N N 000661 deo Jitendra nath deogarh
OLD N N 000662 swain prabhatkumar deogarh
OLD N N 000663 kispotta achin shahil deogarh
OLD N N 000664 ismail mahmmad ali deogarh
OLD N N 000665 mishra partha anugul 
OLD N N 000666 samal suryakanta anugul 
OLD N N 000667 iqbal hossen mahammad puri
OLD N N 000668 nayak satyabrata Khurda
OLD N N 000669 jahir mohammad puri
OLD N N 000670 jayakumar d Khurda
OLD N Y 000671 sahoo manoj kumar bbsr
OLD N N 000672 ullah sadt sarif Khurda
OLD N N 000673 sahoo jyoti ranjan nayagarh
OLD N N 000674 maharana ladukishor nayagarh
OLD N N 000675 nayak ashis Khurda
OLD N N 000676 jena deepak ranjan Khurda
OLD N N 000677 behera prabodh Khurda
OLD N N 000678 jagadev souvagya Khurda
OLD N N 000679 swain soubhagya ranjan Khurda
OLD N Y 000680 meher uttam kumar sonepur
OLD N N 000681 sharma subham Jharsuguda
OLD Y N 000682 das shivesh dhenkanal
OLD N N 000683 mohanty niladri cuttack
OLD N N 000684 singh udaybhanu dhenkanal
OLD N Y 000685 joshi shyamsunder bolangir
OLD N Y 000686 nanda sudhir kumar bolangir
OLD N Y 000687 rao v balakrishna bolangir
OLD N Y 000688 mohapatra sudhansu bolangir
OLD N Y 000689 ghibela narendra bolangir
OLD N N 000690 mishra ghanashyam bolangir
OLD N Y 000691 panda dr. benudhar sambalpur
OLD N N 000692 rath bijendra kumar bolangir
OLD N N 000694 tripathy akhay kumar bolangir
OLD N N 000695 panda gopalchandra bolangir
OLD N N 000696 baral shankarlal bolangir
OLD N N 000697 bhoi gyanaranjan bolangir
OLD N N 000698 behera pabitra bolangir
OLD N N 000699 patnaik srikant bolangir
OLD N N 000700 sahoo chinmaya Anugul 
OLD N N 000701 naik pabita ganjam
OLD N N 000702 bamundi jyosna rani ganjam
OLD N N 000703 jani pramodini ganjam
OLD N N 000704 gouda sagarika ganjam
OLD N N 000705 gamango baiseba ganjam
OLD N N 000706 pradhan chumuki ganajam
OLD N N 000707 nayak subham sundargarh
OLD N N 000708 parmar ku gourav sundargarh
OLD N Y 000709 sidhart r Patil mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000710 pradhan sriyanshu mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000711 yash acharya mayurbhanj
OLD Y Y 000712 mohapatra kumar aslesh mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000713 agarwal tanish mayurbhanj
OLD Y Y 000714 sk shadab quadri mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000715 mohanta reenish mayurbhanj
OLD N Y 000716 barik soumukta mayurbhanj
OLD Y Y 000717 das biswas ranjan mayurbhanj
OLD N N 000718 mohanta soumya ranjan rourkela
OLD N N 000719 moharana santosh kumar khurda
OLD N N 000720 maharana kumar arun koraput
OLD N N 000722 mistry pallab koraput
OLD N N 000723 das atish koraput
OLD N N 000724 mishra abhijeet koraput
OLD N N 000725 sahu deepak kumar koraput
OLD N N 000726 mohanty harshvardan rourkela
OLD N N 000727 mohanty naren sundargarh
OLD Y N 000728 k satyajit sundargarh
OLD N N 000729 badaik sudarshan sundargarh
OLD N N 000730 sahoo yashraj sundargarh
OLD N N 000731 behera ramesh chandra sundargarh
OLD N N 000732 bose sourav sundargarh
OLD N N 000733 parida debeshis sundargarh
OLD N N 000734 kumar aditya sundargarh
OLD Y N 000735 mahanta sumanta kumar sundargarh
OLD N N 000736 panda ashis kumar sundargarh
OLD N N 000737 chattarjee sidharth sundargarh
OLD Y N 000738 das abhijit sundargarh
OLD N Y 000739 mohanty sourav sonepur
OLD N Y 000740 nayak abhilash sonepur
OLD N Y 000741 ratha badal sonepur
OLD N Y 000742 mahakuda tikeswar sonepur
OLD N Y 000743 mishra balagopal sonepur
OLD N Y 000744 sahu abhaya kumar sonepur
OLD N N 000745 behera tapas kumar koraput
OLD N N 000746 siddiqui arshad ahmed bbsr
N N 000747 paswan rahul kumar sambalpur
OLD N Y 000748 mohanty manoj bbsr
OLD Y Y 000749 das kashyap bbsr
OLD N Y 000750 mohapatra swagat bbsr
OLD N Y 000751 tripathy pratik bbsr
NEW Y Y 000752 mishra ananya bbsr
NEW Y Y 000753 kar ayushi bbsr
OLD N Y 000754 kumari nandini bbsr
OLD N N 000755 mishra pritam kumar Cuttack
OLD N N 000756 sahu sunil kumar Cuttack
OLD N N 000757 pattnaik smarak anugul
OLD N N 000759 mandal nathan balasore
OLD N N 000760 ray biswajit balasore
OLD N N 000761 islam minhazul balasore
OLD N N 000762 singh amandeep balasore
OLD N N 000763 mazumdar arijit balasore
OLD N N 000764 sethi durga madhab balasore
OLD N N 000765 das sidharth balasore
OLD N N 000766 samal ayusman anugul
OLD N N 000767 das ayush anugul
OLD N N 000768 bhoi subrhansu sekhar anugul
OLD N N 000769 chakrabarty anubhav anugul
OLD N N 000770 nayak himansu sekhar anugul
OLD N N 000771 mallik satyajit anugul
OLD N N 000772 mahaprasad som anugul
OLD N N 000773 nayak rajyashree anugul
OLD N N 000774 das arpita anugul
OLD N N 000775 sahu subash chandra angul
OLD N N 000776 moses kerketta angul
OLD N N 000777 ghosh ashis angul
OLD N N 000778 ali shanwaz sk angul
OLD N N 000779 singh steven angul
OLD N N 000780 ghosh kumar pradyut angul
OLD N N 000781 burma sonam ctc
OLD N N 000782 sahoo anubhav ctc
OLD N N 000783 samal sujit kumar ctc
OLD N N 000785 behera rajesh ctc
OLD N N 000786 mishra ashis puri
OLD N N 000787 mohapatra tofan puri
OLD N N 000788 sahoo vivek kumar sundargarh
OLD N N 000789 sahoo sonali angul
OLD Y N 000790 sahu aman balapanga
OLD N N 000791 prusty ansuman angul
OLD N N 000792 partha kumar angul
OLD N N 000793 paul prasanjeet angul
OLD N N 000794 choudhury rajeeb angul
OLD N N 000795 pradhan debashis angul
OLD N N 000796 panigrahi avigyan angul
OLD N N 000797 pradhan satish chandra bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000798 nayak sujeet kumar angul
OLD N N 000799 singh deepak kumar angul
OLD N N 000800 pani abhisek angul
OLD N N 000801 pani abijit angul
OLD N N 000802 pani abhineet angul
OLD N N 000803 naik kumar sarojit  angul
OLD N N 000804 ojha amit kumar angul
OLD N N 000805 singh rakesh ranjan angul
OLD N N 000806 kumar abdesh angul
OLD N N 000807 sahoo ranjan kumar angul
OLD N N 000808 samal saswat angul
OLD N N 000809 sahoo pritam sarathi angul
OLD N N 000810 sahoo pritam sriyanshu angul
OLD N N 000811 singh pranjal angul
OLD N N 000812 mishra dipti sagar angul
OLD N N 000813 das anchal angul
OLD N N 000814 biswal rojalini angul
OLD N N 000815 swain adayasha angul
OLD N N 000816 agarwal ayush bargarh
OLD N N 000817 deisaria pravesh bargarh
OLD N N 000818 swadia krishna bargarh
OLD N N 000819 athagarh bipul bargarh
OLD N N 000820 agarwal pratik bargarh
OLD N Y 000821 mishra satyam sambalpur
OLD N Y 000822 dandapat subhashis sambalpur
OLD N Y 000823 agarwal yogesh sambalpur
OLD Y Y 000824 samal nitesh kumar angul
OLD N Y 000825 nayak koustav angul
OLD N Y 000826 nayak ayusha anugul
OLD N Y 000827 majhi susant angul
OLD N Y 000828 sahu simranjit khurda
OLD N Y 000829 yash savadia cuttack
OLD N Y 000830 prusty dipak bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000831 sahoo chinmaya bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000832 samal pitambar angul
OLD N Y 000833 mohanty amarjit koraput
OLD N Y 000834 nayak manoj kumar koraput
OLD N Y 000835 mishra bijaya kumar bolangir
OLD N Y 000836 mishra bhabani prasad bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000837 behera shivashish angul
OLD N Y 000838 sahu harish chandra balasore
OLD N Y 000839 Mishra Somesh Swarup berhampur/prov
OLD N Y 000840 chhatwani praveen kumar sundargarh
OLD N Y 000841 pradhan rupak kumar angul
OLD Y Y 000842 sharan shakti kalahandi
OLD N Y 000843 bag hemangini kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000844 rath aryan kalahandi
OLD N Y 000845 khamari ashutosh kalahandi
OLD N Y 000846 sarkar viky kalahandi
OLD N Y 000847 dangua santosh kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000848 fatwani jaysh kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000849 das dhruti sundar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000850 `majhi daita kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000851 sabar madhumita kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000852 sabar rasmita kalahandi
OLD Y Y 000853 majhi surekha kalahandi
OLD N Y 000854 majhi gayatri kalahandi
OLD N Y 000855 manu harshit angul
OLD N Y 000856 john joshua angul
OLD N Y 000857 pattanayak deepika angul
OLD N Y 000858 dash p.s. sajan kumar angul
OLD N Y 000859 behera tarini prasad angul
OLD N Y 000860 sahu himanhsu angul
OLD N Y 000861 dalai durga prasad bhubaneswar
OLD N N 000862 sahu sujit kumar banki
OLD N N 000863 rout debabrata banki
OLD N N 000864 mohapatra raja ranjit banki
OLD N N 000865 minz sonali angul
OLD N N 000866 sweta senapati angul
OLD N N 000867 singh pramod dhenkanal
OLD N N 000868 behera rajkishor dhenkanal
OLD N N 000869 chhotray amit dhenkanal
OLD N N 000870 dalai subranshu kumar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000871 das asim dhenkanal
OLD N N 000872 mohapatra nalini kanta dhenkanal
OLD N N 000873 satpathy mitan cuttack
OLD N N 000874 sahoo gyanendra dhenkanal
OLD N N 000875 chhotray prabhat dhenkanal
OLD N Y 000876 dilip kumar kishan bhubaneswar
OLD Y Y 000877 parmar parikhit balasore
OLD N Y 000878 baggu yuva prudhvi raj kothapeta
OLD N Y 000880 biswal purandar koraput
OLD N Y 000881 kar susanta kumar angul
OLD N Y 000882 mohanta tapan kumar koraput
OLD N Y 000883 panda rashmi ranjan koraput
OLD N Y 000884 majumdar jyotish chandra koraput
OLD N Y 000885 sahoo sandeep kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000886 baitharu jaidev kalahandi
OLD N Y 000887 naik bibekananda  kalahandi
OLD N Y 000888 tarai chandradhwoja kalahandi
OLD N Y 000889 muni ashutosh kalahandi
OLD N Y 000890 sahoo amkit kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000891 chhatriya devraj kalahandi
OLD N Y 000892 tandi chhabiraj kalahandi
OLD N Y 000893 sahoo prabhanjan bolangir
OLD N Y 000894 panda sridhar kalahandi
OLD N Y 000895 nayak subhasis kalahandi
OLD N Y 000896 dasbiswajit balasore
OLD N Y 000897 dhruv thakkar balasore
OLD N Y 000898 hemendra ku. Thakkar balasore
OLD N Y 000899 chand rabindra ku. balasore
OLD N Y 000900 chand sachin suman balasore
OLD N Y 000901 pradhan kalakar koraput
OLD N Y 000902 mohapatra ku. Rajat koraput
OLD N Y 000903 senapati kailash koraput
OLD N Y 000904 patnaik dusyant koraput
OLD N Y 000905 choudhury biswaranjan cuttack
OLD N Y 000906 singh ku. Reshav sundargarh
OLD N Y 000907 sahu biswajit  kendrapara
OLD N Y 000908 sahu binod kumar balasore
OLD N Y 000909 sanghabi niren ku. balasore
OLD N Y 000910 sk. Abdol roshan parvez bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000911 udbhas mohapatra bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000912 singh balwimder sambalpur
OLD N Y 000913 pansari rakesh kumar sambalpur
OLD N Y 000914 pansari mukesh kumar sambalpur
OLD N Y 000915 das swagat sanbalpur
OLD N Y 000916 nayak manojkumar sundargarh
OLD N Y 000917 jee subhrajit cuttack
OLD N Y 000918 panda prabhaker bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000919 panda swagat bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000920 pradhani sadasiva koraput
OLD N Y 000921 garg shivam bargarh
OLD N Y 000922 mridha himangsu kumar koraput
OLD N Y 000923 sahu milan kumar anugul
OLD N Y 000924 sahoo judhistir anugul
OLD N Y 000925 patro prasanna kumar anugul
OLD N Y 000926 das brajabihari anugul
OLD N Y 000927 barik prafulla kumar anugul
OLD N Y 000928 bhuktaprasanta anugul
OLD N Y 000929 pradhan pradeep kumar anugul
OLD N Y 000930 pradhan bholeswar anugul
OLD N Y 000931 pradhan ekadusia anugul
OLD N Y 000932 kunda prakash chandra anugul
OLD N Y 000934 sethi dibyajot kumar khurda
OLD N Y 000935 mohanpatra rakesh kumar khurda
OLD N Y 000936 pradhan ardhundu khurda
OLD N Y 000937 md aftab khurda
OLD N Y 000939 das amitav cuttack
OLD N Y 000940 mallick ashok cuttack
OLD N Y 000941 swain saswat khurda
OLD N Y 000942 das rajesh khurda
OLD N Y 000943 rath susant kumar khurda
OLD N Y 000944 jena deepak ranjan khurda
OLD N N 000945 soni manisha kalahandi
OLD N N 000946 mittal jyoti kalahandi
OLD N N 000947 behera smrutisnigdha sundargarh
OLD Y N 000948 behera smruti sidharthak sundargarh
OLD N Y 000949 saswetha neela bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000950 ramsy purthy bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000951 behera gokul balamgir
OLD N Y 000952 mohanty snigdha rourkela
OLD N Y 000953 meher birendra sonepur
OLD N Y 000954 mishra srimant kumar bhubanaswar
OLD N Y 000954 roy sanjay sonepur
OLD N Y 000955 meher dhirendra sonepur
OLD N Y 000956 das biswanath berhampur/prov
OLD N Y 000957 ptusty areen anshuman angul
OLD N Y 000958 das gaurav angul
OLD N Y 000959 mishra stimant kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000960 pusulueiruthvik kiran sundergarh
NA N Y 000961 badmundi giridhar ganjam
OLD N Y 000962 mallicksushanta  ganjam
OLD N Y 000963 malliknabina  ganjam
OLD N Y 000964 mandal gorachand ganjam
OLD N Y 000965 saha binod kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 000966 rout ramya ranjan cuttack
OLD N Y 000967 sahoo n.s. debashish cuttack
OLD N Y 000968 sahu chandra sekhar dhenkanal
NA N Y 000969 majhi tarini prasad dhenkanal
OLD N Y 000970 sahu nilanchal bargarh
OLD N Y 000971 behera chintamani kalahandi
OLD N N 000971 kashyap deepak balasore
OLD N N 000972 puhan akash dhenkanal
OLD N N 000972 mishra jitendra kumar kalahandi
OLD N N 000973 mohapatra dharmendra dhenkanal
OLD N N 000974 behera karunakar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000975 matruprasad pinaki sankar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000976 sukla rahul kumar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000977 deviprasad ashutosh  dhenkanal
OLD N N 000978 mohapatra suryakanta dhenkanal
OLD N N 000979 sahoo manas kumar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000980 sahu somnath dhenkanal
OLD N N 000981 patra abhisek dhenkanal
OLD N N 000982 nanda durga madhab dhenkanal
OLD N N 000983 sahoo chinranjeev chinmay dhenkanal
OLD N N 000984 sahu shibraj anugul
OLD N N 000985 sahu somyaranjan ganjam
OLD N N 000986 nayak smruti gaurab dhenkanal
OLD N N 000987 lohar sandeep dhenkanal
OLD N N 000988 pradhan susil kumar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000989 pattanaik rasmi prakash dhenkanal
OLD N N 000990 satpathy  amit ranjan dhenkanal
OLD N N 000991 jena papun kumar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000992 dhalsamant radhikesh dhenkanal
OLD N N 000993 mishra debi prasnna dhenkanal
OLD N N 000994 kumar krishna  dhenkanal
OLD N N 000995 pradhan priyaj kumar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000996 bhadra nitish kumar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000997 behera tankadhar dhenkanal
OLD N N 000998 sarangi sandip dhenkanal
OLD N N 001000 kumar p . K .sri sanjeeb dhenkanal
OLD N N 001001 parida rojesh dhenkanal
OLD N N 001002 das swayanjeet dhenkanal
OLD N N 001003 sahu rakesh kumar dhenkanal
OLD N N 001004 rout biman kumar dhenkanal
OLD N N 001005 behera jyoti prakash dhenkanal
OLD N N 001006 naik jyotikanta dhenkanal
OLD N N 001007 pradhan ayush dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001008 jena manas bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001009 lenka shuvakanta bhubanaswar
OLD N Y 001009 lenka subhakanta bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001010 panda tusharkanti bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001011 patro nalinikanta bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001012 lenka lingaraj  bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001013 jena susit kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001014 swain shaktiranjan bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001015 patnaik malay dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001016 singh pratapkeshari dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001017 rout rihanranjan dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001018 mohapatra anil kumar dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001019 bihari prince dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001020 jena amareswar dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001021 chotray priyaranjan dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001022 madeli saganand sachidanand dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001023 pati chinmoy ranjan dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001024 patnaik nihar ranjan dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001025 sethy dolagobinda dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001026 ray ashish ranjan bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001027 pati sidhant bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001028 meher gagan kumar sonepur
OLD N Y 001029 meher chandan kumar sonepur
OLD N Y 001030 meher ashram kumar sonepur
OLD N Y 001031 dandasena aswini kumar sonepur
OLD N Y 001032 sahu rangadhar sonepur
OLD N Y 001033 pradhan dipak kumar dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001034 baral prasant kumar dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001035 nayak rajat ranjan dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001036 nayak jyoti ranjan dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001037 patnaik bikas dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001038 nayak suraj prakas dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001039 sahu madhabpriya dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001040 nanda milan kumar dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001041 kar satya eanjan  dhenkanal
OLD N Y 001042 golani hemant rayagada
OLD N Y 001043 singh rosan kumar rayagada
OLD N Y 001044 venkatesh s. rayagada
OLD N Y 001045 singh rohit kumar rayagada
OLD N Y 001046 jatkishan n. bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001047 rout mihir kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001048 samarjeet kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001049 dandasena abhilash nuapada
OLD N Y 001050 murali krioshna b. bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001052 saha binod kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001053 khan firoj bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001054 nayak bhabani sankar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001055 khan sahil bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001056 sagar lalit mohan bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001057 sahoo yagyan prasad sundargarh
OLD N Y 001058 rath shyamsunder nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001059 agarwal atul nabarngpur
OLD N Y 001060 maharana suraj nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001061 jain abhisek nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001062 srilivas l. nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001063 mohanty lingaraj nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001064 rao i.tejeswar nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001065 maharana chandan nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001066 rao p.chakradhar nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001067 maharana prabhat kumar nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001068 dash sameer nabarangpur
OLD N Y 001069 suaro bikash nabarangpur
NA N Y 001070 samal suryakanta bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001071 sahu subhasis cuttack
OLD N Y 001072 mohanty sanjay kumar cuttack
OLD N Y 001073 agarwal shruti kalahandi
OLD N Y 001074 agarwal  seema kalahandi
OLD N Y 001075 patnaik asmita kalahandi
OLD N Y 001076 patnayak prachi payal kalahandi
OLD Y Y 001077 mohapatra abhilash kalahandi
OLD N Y 001078 samantaray biswajit kalahandi
OLD N Y 001079 das shahil kalahandi
OLD Y Y 001080 mishra amarjyoti kalahandi
OLD N Y 001081 makhija sanjay kumar kalahandi
NA N Y 001082 pattanaik suman kalahandi
NA N Y 001083 sahu saibhav ranjan kalahandi
OLD N Y 001084 bhandari aditya angul
OLD N Y 001085 topno hosana bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001086 tripathy hrishikesh bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001087 mishra aditya bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001088  tripathy siddarth bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001090 bag saroj kumar angul
OLD N Y 001091 behera kumar pramod jharsuguda
OLD Y Y 001092 behera dwity krishna sundargarh
OLD N Y 001094 biswal subrat angul
OLD N Y 001096 das  wiliam cuttack
OLD N Y 001097
OLD Y Y 001098 das araav bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001099 das debashis keonjhor
OLD N Y 001100
OLD N Y 001101 das kumar manoj mayurbhanja
OLD N Y 001102 das saroj kumar bhubanaswar
OLD N Y 001105 garanayak chagala angul
OLD N Y 001107 guru ranjita balangir
OLD N Y 001108
OLD N Y 001109
OLD N Y 001110
OLD N Y 001111 kumar gaurab das rayagada
OLD Y Y 001112 kumar manish bhubaneswar
OLD Y Y 001113 kumar rishu paradeep
OLD N Y 001114 majhi narendra paradeep
OLD Y Y 001115 mohanty siddharth sundargarh
OLD N Y 001116 meher kumar chandan sonepur
OLD N Y 001117 meher kumar gagan sonepur
OLD N Y 001118 mohanty saurav sonepur
OLD N Y 001119 mishra nikhil kumar jajpur
OLD N Y 001120 mishra prakash jharsuguda
OLD N Y 001121 mishra satyajit bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001122 sharma hansraj bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001123 mohantysidharth  sundergarh
OLD Y Y 001124 patro hrishita balasore
OLD N Y 001125 mohaprasad som angul
OLD N Y 001126 nayak ramesh chandra joda
OLD N Y 001127 nandan chhapolia raghav cuttack
OLD N Y 001128 nayak ayut  bhubanaswar
OLD N Y 001129 nayak subhendra bhubanaswar
OLD N Y 001130 pattnaik sanjay kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001131 kar sibaprasad bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001132 panda pulak ranjan jharsuguda
OLD N Y 001133 kar choudhury satyanarayan jajpur
OLD N Y 001134 mohanty mrutunjay jajpur
OLD N Y 001135 panigrahi subhankar keonjhar
OLD N Y 001136 parida lisa rani  bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001137 patnaik bharat kumar rayagada
OLD N Y 001138 kar choudhury saiprakash jajpur
OLD N Y 001139 pattnaik avisek bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001140 choudhury srikant bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 001142 rautray prayas bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001145 rout sankalpa kumar cuttack
OLD N Y 001146
OLD N Y 001147 sahoo kumar bikram raghunathpur
OLD Y Y 001148 sahoo parshuram cuttack
OLD N Y 001149 sahoo sunil kumar cuttack
OLD N Y 001150
OLD N Y 001151 sahu parthsarathi angul
OLD N Y 001152 sahu rangadhar sonepur
OLD N Y 001153 samal mitish kumar angul
OLD N Y 001154
OLD N Y 001156 das william cuttack
OLD N Y 001157 sei pratik kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001158 seth bhabesh angul
OLD N Y 001159 sheersh debasish dash cuttack
OLD N Y 001160 shivaram krishna cuttack
OLD N Y 001161
OLD N Y 001162 singh gurbaksh bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001164 agrawal seema kalahandi
OLD N Y 001165 panda manoranjan bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001166
OLD N Y 001167 mohanty ansuman kalahandi
OLD N Y 001168 sk juned jafri kalahandi
OLD N Y 001169 rout bijaya kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 001170 behera debarchan  kalahandi
NEW Y Y 001171 Garnaik Amlana Keshari Angul
OLD N Y 001172 nayak subhendra bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001173 das narayan balasore
OLD N Y 001174 nayak sushil kumar balasore
OLD N Y 001175 sahu manabendra balasore
OLD N Y 001176 mohanty khirod kumar keonjhar
OLD N Y 001177 agarwal dinesh kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 001178 md jaffar kalahandi
OLD N Y 001179 mahananda tripur kalahandi
OLD N Y 001180 sahu madanmohan kalahandi
OLD N Y 001181 sahu sujit kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 001182 panda sumya ranjan kalahandi
OLD N Y 001183 mohanty smrutiranjan cuttack
OLD N Y 001184 sahu ashok kumar cuttack
OLD N Y 001186 mahinder krishna sundergarh
OLD N Y 001187 mohanty prameet kumar sundergarh
OLD Y Y 001189 hemram umesh kumar sundergarh
OLD N Y 001190 khuntia subham pratik sundergarh
OLD N Y 001191 sandil rajesh sundergarh
OLD N Y 001192 behera mayadhar sundergarh
OLD N Y 001193 simgh chandra bhusan sundergarh
OLD Y Y 001194 agarwal yash sundergarh
OLD N Y 001195 patnaik pranab ku. sambapur
OLD N Y 001196 agarwal ajay kumar sambapur
OLD N Y 001197 panda arun sambapur
OLD Y Y 001198 meher manjit sambapur
NEW Y Y 001199 modi parth sambapur
OLD N Y 001201 mishra chandan sambapur
OLD N Y 001202 jena sidhartha sekhar cuttack
OLD N Y 001203 maharana sanat balasore
OLD N Y 001204 sahoo rajesh Keonjhar
OLD N Y 001205 sahu subhash kalahandi
OLD N Y 001206 hembram gopalchandra keonjhar
OLD Y Y 001207 rana karma mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001208 rana dharma mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001209 dala behera amlan mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001210 mishra baibhav mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001211 dwari shyam shankar mayurbhanja
Y Y 001212 puti hitesh kumar mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001213 behera arizeet mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001214 kar palash mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001215 pradhan jagrat kumar mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001216 das anuska mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001218 karri vidyasagar mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001219 padi purnendu mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001221 kakra mukeshravi mayurbhanja
OLD Y Y 001222 samant abinash angul
NEW Y Y 001223 das kaustuva bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001224 das mukesh prasad bhadrak
NEW Y Y 001225 dash gargee bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 001226 mishra mansa bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 001227 sahoo swosti deepan bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 001228 tripathy prayas bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 001229 mohanty amrit bhubaneswar
OLD Y Y 001230 sahoo priyabrat cuttack
OLD Y Y 001231 dalai bishal cuttack
NEW N Y 001232 mohanty priyanshu bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 001233 maharana abhijit bhubaneswar
NEW N Y 001234 satapathy  sriyansu bhubaneswar
NEW Y Y 001235 pradhan hrutidipan angul
OLD Y Y 001236 lath anjanay rourkela
OLD Y Y 001237 guru prasad rithwik rourkela
OLD Y Y 001238 dey ayush rourkela
OLD N Y 001239 tiwary aditya rourkela
OLD N Y 001240 reshav kumar rourkela
OLD N Y 001242 barik  mahendra kumar bhubaneswar
OLD N Y 001243 maharana bjaya kumar nayagarh
OLD N Y 001244 pattnaik tapan kumar cuttack
OLD Y Y 001245 dutta rajib kumar jharsuguda
OLD N Y 001246 toppo gourav kumar Sundergarh
OLD Y Y 001247 rout ayushmaan rourkela
OLD Y Y 001248 roy choudhury arnab rourkela
OLD Y Y 001249 sahoo rakesh kumar rourkela
OLD Y Y 001250 shaji manish rourkela
OLD Y Y 001251 patra abhinav rourkela
OLD Y Y 001252 laha srijan kumar rourkela
OLD Y Y 001253 pati asutosh rourkela
OLD Y Y 001254 delaswar naik rourkela
OLD Y Y 001255 dikhit anurag rourkela
OLD Y Y 001256 kumar amit rourkela
OLD N Y 001257 aditya rourkela
OLD Y Y 001258 panigrahi  ashutosh rourkela
OLD Y Y 001259 das ashutosh talcher
OLD N Y 001260 lohar omm tanmoy rourkela
OLD N Y 001261 jayampu sasidar rourkela
OLD Y Y 001262 muni ayushman kalahandi
OLD N Y 001263 sahoo somanjit kalahandi
OLD Y Y 001264 behera snehamanjari kalahandi
OLD Y Y 001265 banua debadatta kalahandi
OLD N Y 001266 agrawal sunil kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 001267 sharma kamal kalahandi
OLD N Y 001268 saswat sourav kalahandi
OLD N Y 001269 das susanta santosh samuel koraput
OLD N Y 001270 sahoo prakash kumar nuapada
OLD Y Y 001271 nanda aiswarya kalahandi
OLD Y Y 001273 bohidar saurav kumar kalahandi
OLD N Y 001274 bemal rakesh kumar kalahandi
OLD Y Y 001275 kukreja dev kumar kalahandi
OLD Y Y 001276 roul jyotirmayee angul
OLD Y Y 001277 jena indrajeet jharsuguda
NEW Y Y 001278 saharia chayan sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001279 agrawal karan sambalpur
OLD N Y 001280 singh  gagan bihari angul
NEW Y Y 001281 khatry dhrub sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001283 arora tanishq sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001284 sahoo sumit sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001285 das prashansa sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001286 panda purba pratyasha sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001287 roy swarnali sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001288 prankeet shree sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001289 poddar nandish sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001290 poddar ayan sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001291 nayak om prakesh sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001292 arora rithik sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001293 dash satyam sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001294 bansal shivam sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001295 agarwal ayush sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001296 behera sambit kumar sambalpur
NEW Y Y 001297 jhankar sagar sonepur
NEW Y Y 001298 naik raja sonepur
NEW Y Y 001299 bhoi saroj sonepur
NEW Y Y 001300 baboo dadhibaban sonepur
NEW Y Y 001301 sahoo aditya narayan sonepur
NEW Y Y 001302 mallik harishankar sonepur
NEW Y Y 001303 meher debasis sonepur
NEW Y Y 001304 bhuyan somnath Sundergarh
OLD N Y 001306 das swanjeet dhenkanal
NEW Y Y 001307 kisan mahesh kumar jharsuguda
OLD N Y 001309 mishra subash kumar angul
NEW Y N 001310 Lakra Anish Subham Jharsuguda 18 14-Apr-16
NEW Y Y 001311 Dondey Sunil Kumar Jharsuguda 16 14-Apr-16
NEW Y Y 001312 Kumar Subham Jharsuguda 17 14-Apr-16
OLD N N 001314 Sarthak Kumar Angul
OLD N N 001315 Pradhan nagendra Kumar Angul
OLD N N 001316 Kolla Suresh Babu angul
OLD N N 001317 Singh Saroj Kumar angul
OLD N N 001318 Barik Sushant Kumar angul
new N N 001319 banerjee sanjay keojhar
OLD N N 001320 behera plabanjyoti bhubaneswar
OLD N N 001321 patnaik  guru prasad dhenkanal
new y N 001322 mohanty abinash jharsuguda
new y N 001323 varma vapulapati rishendra rayagada 21 ######
NEW y n 001324 vuppalapati umapati raju rayagada 22 ######
NEW y n 001325 behera bibhuprasad keonjhar
NEW y n 001326 pradhan sidharta keonjhar
NEW y n 001327 singh thakur karan keonjhar
NEW y n 001328 ram kumar rohit keonjhar
NEW y n 001329 rout shibashis keonjhar
NEW y n 001330 behera pratyush ranjan jharsuguda
OLD Y N 001331 das kumar ashis bhadrak 24 17-Jun-16
Form(new or old) affidevit district recommendation ID NO  NAME AREA mr no date

To be printed on the stamp paper of Rs:50/-


WE SRI ……………………………………. son of ………………………….. aged about …….. years by occupation …………….AND SMT. ……………………………………. Wife of ………………………………. aged about …….. years by occupation ……………., both being residents of …………………………………………….. under Police Station …………………. District ……………………… having Pin Code No. ……………... and both being ……………. (set out Religion) of Indian Domicile do hereby jointly and severally solemnly affirm, declare and undertake as under:

1. That following our lawful marriage in accord with religious Rites and customs followed by registration of marriage on ………day of ……….. we have been blessed with a son/daughter born on …………………. at ……………………………………………………. (name & Address of the Hospital/Nursing Home), who has since been named as “…………………..” and birth of the child has duly been registered with ……….………………………. (name of Municipality/District Birth Registration Office/Panchayet) being the Registering Authority on ……………………. A true authentic copy of the Birth Certificate issued by the Registering Authority dated ……………………….. is annexed hereto as ANNEXURE “A”.

2. We jointly and severally hereby undertake and assure that the above Date of Birth of our child “……………………………….” is true, correct and authentic and we have not suppressed or concealed or manipulated the date of Birth or any fact AND agree to indemnify and hereby keep the Orissa State Badminton Association and its every Official duly indemnified of all or any prejudice if any suffered or caused on being detected any fraud or suppression or concealment or fudging of the date of Birth of our above Child and we undertake and warrant to accept any decision of the State Body including damages, costs and consequences arising therefrom.

3. The statements made in the foregoing paragraphs are true to our respective knowledge and nothing material has been suppressed.


(Attention : Birth certificate to be attached with notary sign)