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           The State Championship for Senior(Men & women)/Junior  U-19yrs and U-17yrs (both boys and girls) will be held from 13th to 16tth August,2012 at Shahidnagar Indoor Hall , Bhubaneswar with cooperation with Bhubaneswar District Badminton Association.
The Following guidelines are to be implemented during the conduct of the tournament.
1. DATES OF THE TOURNAMENT: 13th to  16th August 2012
1.1 The tournament will be organized as follows:
Venue :Sahid Nagar Indoor Hall, Bhubaneswar
Players: Only registered players of Orissa State Badminton Association are eligible to participate. The participants should submit the age certificate duly attested & along with BAI Age Proforma. After verifying all the papers, OSBA ID will be issued and the players will use the state ID for giving entries in the tournaments. Without state ID the entries shall not be entertained.
Limitation: There should be minimum six no entries for any event to be conducted.
1:2 Championship:
The championship will be conducted in two rounds i.e qualifying round and main draw.                                
1:3Qualifying Round: The following events will be conducted  in the qualifying rounds. A player can take part maximum in two events. As per the decision taken by  the tournament committee, the following no. of players will be selected to the main draw of the championship.
Men’s Singles:                           08nos.                    Men’s Doubles:                        08nos.
Boys Singles -U-17:                   04 nos.                  Boys Doubles -U-17:                 08 nos.
Boys Singles -U-19:                    04 nos.                 Boys Doubles -U-19:                 08 nos.
There will be no  qualifying rounds for events like 1.women’s singles 2. women’s doubles 3.Girls U-17 &U-19  both singles and doubles
The players qualified in the qualifying round will participate in the main draw along with the list of players released by OSBA.
The players who are selected for maindraw may have the option to participate in other event have to play the qualifying round for the same event
2: The programs for state championship are as mentioned below:
2.1 All the players who like to participate in the tournament in any event  will submit copy of their age certificates in prescribed BAI form duly filled in  for state id. Any incomplete form will be rejected without any intimation to the applicants.no entry will be accepted without state id
The State ID to the players will be released on 2nd August 2012 at Orissa State Badminton Association office as well in the blog http://odishabadminton.blogspot.in/
Players shall check and confirm that their names are there in the  list or not . Any alteration required may be intimated to under signed by 4pm of 3rd August 2012 in writing or by mail to shuttleodisha@gmail.com.
The details as below:
Dates                Time             Details        
30-Aug-12         4pm           Last date of Receipt of players registraton forms
2-Aug-12          4pm           Allotment  of players  id
8-Aug-12          4pm           Last date of Receipt of entries  with entryfees
9-Aug-12          4pm           Release  of m&q  list
10-Aug-12        4pm           Last date for any withdrawal
11-Aug-12        4pm           Release of fixture for qualifying round
13-Aug-12        9pm           Qualifying matches
14-Aug-12         1pm          Fixture for maindraw
14-Aug-12         2pm           Maindraw matches
16-Aug-12         4pm           Finals
3.2 The tournament will be organized in following age groups only having the specified eligibility criteria  
GROUP         AGE UNDER YEARS                  CLASS OF STUDY             BORN ON OR AFTER     
                         AS ON  RFERENCE DATE     AS ON  RFERENCE DATE    
JUNIORS          19YEARS                                               2ND DEGREE  OR  BELOW                        1st January,1994
JUNIORS          17YEARS                                                Xll(Xl+1)   OR BELOW                              1st January,1996
3.3 No entry shall be accepted unless the player has been allotted a Player ID and has submitted the age proof as per the BAI Competition Regulations.
3.4 At the close of entries, the Tournament committee will provide with the list of participants.
3.5 Once the entries are duly verified by the secretary, the complete list in a computer file(MS Excel File) shall be sent to Tournament committee. OSBA will release the list of seeded players as per OSBA Ranking.
3.6 Once approved, the list of participants in order of strength will be displayed on notice board of OSBA as well in the http://odishabadminton.blogspot.in/. It shall be the responsibility of the Affiliated Unit and the players to ensure that allthe entries send by them appear in the M & Q List. After the Last Date for withdrawals without penalty, no complaints shall be entered for miss out of any entry. The OSBA is not responsible for any omissions or correction of names.
3:7 After fixture released any player withdrawing from any event or giving walkover shall be scratched from other event
3.8 There shall be a medical examination of age group of players,whose age proof is doubtful.Meical examination will be onducted by a panel of doctors appointed by OSBA
4.1 Theprotest of any kind will have to accompanied by a protest fee of Rs500.00 .Protest has to made before the match or within onehour of the completion of the match and shall be addressed to the Secretary in writing
5.1 The  entry fees that can be collected for players shall be:
Singles  event  all category          Rs.200 per  player
Double event  all category           Rs.400 per pair                 
5.2 The Entry fees along with registration fees of Rs.50.00 may be sent to treasurer OSBA in shape of MO./DD/at par cheque payable at Cuttack in favour of “ORISSA STATE BDMINTON ASSOCIATION”. Without which entries are not accepted,The same may be sent to Mr.Kartik Chandra Das,Trasurer,Orissa State Badminton Association, Qr.no New Type IV ,CTO Compound,Cuttack-753001,Ph 08437317775
6.1.ThePlayers playing qualifying matches will have  accommodation at Kalinga stadium,Bhubaneswar from 13th August,2012.They have to report at Sahidnagar Indoor Hall by 7.30am and get  clearance from organizer for accommodation.The players staying at kalinga stadium will have to leave the accommodation after completion of qualifying round i.e 14th August,2012 10pm.
6.2The players for maindraw will have accommodation  at hotels  and they have to report at Sahidnagar Indoor Hall on 14th August,2012 by 8.30am and get clearance for accommodation.
7.Age Verification:
Association may verify the age by a Doctors’committee and reject the entries if found inappropriate for the event applied for.They can not be accommodated to participate in any event.
8.Rights to amend.
8.1Association reserves right for any changes in championship  rules &regulations/ schedule etc without assigning any reason.
We shall be glad to clarify on any of the above matter and assure you to extend our full support and cooperation in smooth and successful of the tournament.
Wishing you every success!
            Yours Sincerely
           Pradip Mohanty
Orissa State Badminton Association
Keonjhar Colony,kanika Chhak
the http://odishabadminton.blogspot.in/

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